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Making an impact plays a key role in our nonprofit. With your help, the work we do can save lives and change communities.


At GUIMEDIC we think global and act local.


We work in marginalised urban communities and in indigenous communities located in remote areas. These communities have their own languages, live in extreme poverty and are particularly excluded from society. 


We currently operate within 5 states of Mexico:

  • Chiapas

  • Jalisco

  • Michoacan

  • Nayarit

  • Sonora


As GUIMEDIC grows, our goal is to have a presence throughout the entire country.


With 13% of Mexico's rural communities lacking access to healthcare services, it's clear the healthcare model currently being utilized is not able to meet the needs of its most vulnerable people. When individuals from rural communities do happen to have access to a nearby clinic, they commonly experience discrimination or describe receiving poor treatment due to their ethnicity or social status.


The inadequate access to healthcare services in these remote areas intensifies the health problems faced by many communities. Unfortunately, this causes high rates of both morbidity and mortality among rural community members as they are inflicted with diseases that are often easily preventable. 

This is why GUIMEDIC exists. GUIMEDIC reaches Mexico’s most isolated communities through their model of mobile clinics.

Mobile clinics involve a team of 10-15 medical student volunteers and doctors traveling by van, and/or boat, small plane, and by foot to reach remote communities. GUIMEDIC focuses on reaching rural regions classified by the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) as living in poor or extremely poor conditions. This classification intersects predominantly with regions where indigenous communities reside. 

Upon arrival, clinics are set up in order to conduct free and comprehensive medical care to populations that would otherwise not receive it. While consultations are being conducted, training is provided to medical students to learn the clinical skills, knowledge, and character that will help them become well-rounded doctors in the future, bringing healing and hope to any patient they encounter. The involvement of medical students in weekly brigades is carried out carefully and responsibly in order to ensure the safety and respect of every patient that is encountered. 

Traveling by Boat
Unpacking Supplies
Traveling by Van
Hiking With Supplies
Unloading Supplies
Clinic Set Up


Through our programmes we inspire others to build a better society. The mission of our projects is to work with the poor and oppressed, to promote the transformation of human beings, and to demonstrate God's love to all through aid.

Travelling by boats, planes, vans, and on foot, our mobile medical clinics seek to carry out our mission through holistic work, detailed below.

Preventive Medicine

Preventative medicine aims to decrease a person’s chance of contracting a certain disease or condition. GUIMEDIC carries out preventative medicine partly through direct treatment aimed at averting disease, but mainly through education for patients.


GUIMEDIC finds that education is an effective tool as it empowers individuals and communities to take their health into their own hands. Examples of this include informing patients during consultations about basic hygiene, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, and more. 

Integral Medical Services

GUIMEDIC provides free comprehensive consultations to all the communities it serves. This care includes but is not limited to treatment and/or pharmaceutical intervention for various infections, management of chronic conditions, and minor surgical procedures.


GUIMEDIC is committed to visiting each community on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to provide follow-up visits with its patients.


This allows for not only the long-term success of treatments but the building of strong trust-based relationships between GUIMEDIC and all community members as well.

Strategic Initiatives

GUIMEDIC’s commitment to creating long-term trusting relationships with each community it serves has allowed the unique needs of each community to be identified.


In many cases, the need is considered so desperate that GUIMEDIC decides to launch a specific strategic initiative to address it.


Examples include initiatives such as education against the spread of rampant gastrointestinal parasitic infection and spreading awareness of proper dental hygiene. 

Transformational Development

Transformation is the ultimate goal of all the work GUIMEDIC does. To GUIMEDIC, transformation represents a lasting change that encompasses entire communities.


We believe that to create this lasting change, we must recognize that overall wellbeing is generated through a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual health. For that reason, GUIMEDIC equips and prepares certain volunteers to listen to community members and do what they can to meet the mental and spiritual needs they encounter.


Additionally, GUIMEDIC hosts events and executes projects dedicated to community development external from our health consultations, such as building projects and Backpacks of Hope. 

Cultivating Healthy Communities

All together, GUIMEDIC utilizes preventative medicine, comprehensive medical services, strategic initiatives, and transformational development to cultivate healthy communities.


GUIMEDIC believes that healthy communities are not defined by physical health alone, but is realized when people are empowered with education, free from the burden of preventable disease, and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. 



GUIMEDIC volunteer hours spent traveling to remote locations


medical treatments administered by GUIMEDIC in communities otherwise without medical access



decrease in urological illness in GUIMEDIC communities



decrease in maternal and infant mortality in GUIMEDIC communities



decrease in gastro-intestinal illness in GUIMEDIC communities



people received medical care from GUIMEDIC during the COVID-19 pandemic

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