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GUIMEDIC Humanitarian Medical Association (GUIMEDIC) is committed to respecting your privacy and your personal data in accordance with Mexican law on personal data protection, and/or other applicable international, regional or national regulations. Through this privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") we seek to provide you with relevant information about your data.

This Privacy Policy is applicable when you use and register on the website and/or any website owned by GUIMEDIC (the "Websites"), as well as on its social networks. 

Important for minors: If you are under 18 years of age, please note that it is necessary that your Legal Representative authorize us to process your personal data. By registering on our either Websites as a volunteer, partner or applicant for any position, GUIMEDIC understands that: 


  • The Legal Representatives of its users under 18 years of age have given their express consent for GUIMEDIC to process their personal data. 

  • The Legal Representatives of your users under 18 years of age, before giving the above consent, have read and fully understood our Privacy Policy.


In case your Legal Representative does not give the authorization referred to above, we request that you please do not register on our Websites.



For GUIMEDIC is very important the protection and security of your data and the exercise of your rights over them. Therefore, this Privacy Policy seeks to explain clearly GUIMEDIC practices relating to:


  • What information we collect from our users and for what purpose.

  • How we use that information.

  • In what cases we may share that information with third parties.

  • How you can contact us to exercise your rights over your personal information.


When you use our Websites we collect the following data:

  • The information you give us in order to register you as a volunteer when you register and update your data on our Websites or social networks, such as your name, identity card number, telephone/cell phone number, email, your gender, your date of birth, your nationality, your address, your school or university, and your medical data about illnesses or allergies, medications and health forecasts.

  • The information you give us to register you as a member when you register and update your data on our Websites, such as your name, identity card number, telephone/cell phone number, e-mail, etc.

  • The information you give us to apply for a position in GUIMEDIC when you register and update your data on our Web Sites as your name, identity card number, phone / cell phone number, email, profession, languages, work experience and other data that may contain your resume to upload it to our Web Sites.

  • The information you give us when you communicate with us through our telephone answering service or through e-mail or other form of communication, such as your name, date and time of contact, your identity card number, your telephone/cell phone number, etc.

  • Specific information provided by the device from which you connect to our Websites, such as, for example, the type of device, your activity on our Websites, the characteristics of the device, your operating system and web browser, language, the identifier number of your network device or your IP address, among others. 


To collect this information we may use cookies or similar technologies (if you are not familiar with the concept of cookies, we advise you to read the paragraph we have included on this subject, below in number 6).  


We use the data we collect to:

  • Coordinate and develop the medical-social assistance activities and events carried out by GUIMEDIC that require the help and collaboration of volunteers. Including the contact of volunteers and the elaboration of statistics necessary to carry out the medical-social assistance operations.

  • To take all the necessary measures so that our volunteers can carry out the medical-social assistance activities in an adequate and safe way. 

  • Respond to any health needs of our volunteers that may arise during the development of an activity to the extent that we can until the concurrence of qualified professionals. 

  • Evaluate and analyze the proper functioning of our Websites by doing, for example, statistical studies on the frequency and schedule of visits to our Websites.

  • To provide our users with information about medical-social activities and events that may be of interest to them. 

  • To respond to all requests and requests made by users and to be able to communicate with them.

  • Coordinate and carry out the application process for positions in GUIMEDIC, including subsequent contact with the applicant.

  • To carry out all activities related to the management and coordination of the contributions of our members, for the purpose of developing our medical-social assistance activities.


We inform you that GUIMEDIC will not disclose or communicate to third parties your personal data collected unless it has been expressly authorized by you or in any of the cases provided for in this Privacy Policy.

A. Third parties to whom we may transfer your personal data.

For the development of our medical-social assistance activities, we may need the help of affiliated companies or companies related to GUIMEDIC, who will process your personal data on our behalf, following our instructions, submitting to the terms of this Privacy Policy and adopting the appropriate security and confidentiality measures for the processing of data. 

B.    Special cases in which we may transfer your personal data to third parties.

In some special cases, and limited to those noted below, we may share your personal information with third parties if we believe, in good faith, that there is a reasonable need to access, use, retain or disclose it for the following purposes:

  • To comply with any information request we receive from a competent administrative, judicial or investigative body, and generally to assist in the investigation of possible unlawful activities. 

  • To comply with a requirement or obligation established in the legislation in force, sectorial regulation or applicable rules.

  • Detect, prevent or otherwise address any fraud, vulnerability, technical or security incident that affects the stability, operation and security of our website.

  • Protect the rights, property or safety of GUIMEDIC, our users and our volunteers, or the general public, to the extent required or permitted by law.

It is possible that both GUIMEDIC's servers and those of the third parties indicated in this section number 4 may be located outside of Mexico. Please note that by using our Websites you agree that your personal data and other information collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy will be processed on servers or by persons located abroad.


According to article 1 of the New Law DOF 05-07-2010, Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, it is your right to ask us for information about the data we have collected about you. You can also ask us to modify your personal data if they are erroneous, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete; or to delete or block them if you wish. 

Notwithstanding these rights, you will always have the option to:

  • Opt out of receiving information about our events or activities.

  • Opt to change or modify the information provided at the time of your registration on the Websites.

  • Opt out of receiving or accepting cookies or other similar technologies. Please note that you will need to disable each device you use in accordance with your web browser's procedures.

You may exercise these rights and options at no cost to you by sending a request to

In compliance with a request to delete your personal data, we will delete the data we have collected up to the date you have made the request, but we will not prevent its future collection after that date if you return to use our Websites and register on them in the future. In the latter case, you will need to make a new request to delete the new personal data we have collected. 




GUIMEDIC may use cookies when you use our Websites. Cookies are small amounts of information that a Web site's servers store on the browser of the user who has visited the Web site. 

The use of cookies allows us to, among other things, personalize our Web Sites, store password and login information, gather statistical information, and improve our knowledge of and communication with our users.

Some cookies expire when you close your browser, while others remain on the device you have used to browse the Internet. You can delete cookies that have been stored on your device or, as noted above, disable the future use of cookies by following the instructions that apply to your web browser. However, keep in mind that disabling the use of cookies may impoverish your browsing experience, as many websites require them to enable you to access certain functionalities.


GUIMEDIC may modify this Privacy Policy at any time due to new activities, needs or changes in current regulations. When that happens, we will notify you on the home page of our Websites by means of a notice and through an e-mail to the address you have registered to register on the Websites. If you do not agree to a new version of our Privacy Policy we ask that you please do not use our Websites.

The home page of our Web Sites will always contain a link to the most current version of our Privacy Policy. If you would like to view previous versions, you may do so by clicking on the links that we will incorporate at the end of the most current version of our Privacy Policy.

The responsible for the treatment of your data is GUIMEDIC Humanitarian Medical Association, which is located at Carretera Guadalajara-Morelia, Km 15, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco.

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