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There are many ways you can to contribute to making an impact with GUIMEDIC. By giving your time, energy, resources, skills, and/or finances, you can help us to save lives and transform communities.



Helping others gives purpose and energy to those who are involved with GUIMEDIC. When you donate to GUIMEDIC, you are not only allowing us to continue work that is vital for so many, but are also granting our volunteers the opportunity to continue learning and doing what they love through service and outreach.


of all donations to GUIMEDIC are invested directly into our partner communities through the resources highlighted below.


A big part of what we do during mobile clinics involves prescribing medications to patients when needed. These situations often include giving antiparasitics, antibiotics for threatening infections, and anti-inflammatories.

Medical Supplies

In addition to pharmaceuticals, general medical supplies must be packed and brought to remote locations each week. This essential medical equipment includes syringes, IV bags, tongue depressors, glucose monitors, oximeters, and much more. 


Oftentimes GUIMEDIC encounters patients with ailments that cannot be addressed directly during our mobile clinics. When we are financially able, we provide patients with the opportunity to travel to receive necessary surgeries.

COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment

In order to keep the GUIMEDIC team and the communities we serve safe, PPE (face shields, masks, gloves, and sanitizer) is provided each week to both volunteers and patients seen during mobile clinics.

Diagnostic Tests

GUIMEDIC is working to monitor the health of each community it serves and tests monthly to ensure that there are no cases of COVID-19. In the event of a positive case, epidemiological surveillance strategies are implemented. 


Volunteerism and outreach not only benefit those who are directly being served; at GUIMEDIC we believe that volunteers are themselves benefitted in many ways. Dedicating time to outreach helps to gain new friends and community, social skills, various practical skills, and personal qualities such as compassion and leadership; all of which can be translated to success in our personal lives and in our workplaces outside of GUIMEDIC. 


Anyone can be a volunteer for GUIMEDIC through the generous giving of their time, energy, resources, and/or skills. The largest number of our volunteers are medical students and doctors who sign up to give their time and skills during weekly brigades. Those with skillsets or resources to contribute outside of the medical aspect of GUIMEDIC are also commonly involved as well. For example, GUIMEDIC relies on volunteers with administrative skills, education expertise, and childcare experience as well.


To receive more information about volunteering at a brigade or to ask about a skill or resource that you are interested in providing to GUIMEDIC, please fill out the volunteer inquiry form below.

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Upon filling out the volunteering inquiry form, you will be sent an e-mail describing how GUIMEDIC will get in touch with you to chat further about our volunteering opportunities.

Voluteer Interest Form


In enabling GUIMEDIC to bring essential services to the most vulnerable within Mexico, every company that partners with us is contributing to a healthier world.

- Carolina Rosales, GUIMEDIC Founder

Are you a part of a company that aligns with GUIMEDIC's mission? Here's how your company can get involved: 

    Through this tool your company commits itself to GUIMEDIC's cause, positions its image, builds customer loyalty, and potentially increases sales.

    Strengthen team spirit by offering your employees the opportunity to participate in volunteer groups to help vulnerable families in Mexico. By offering your hands and knowledge you can generate important changes in the lives of many people.

    By joining GUIMEDIC through social investment your company can be part of community transformation. Options for social investment include financing projects related to education, health, sports, and economic development for the benefit of the communities in which GUIMEDIC works. 

    We invite your company to donate your products and/or services as well as money to be part of the equitable development of our country.

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